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moderate climate sentence in Hindi

"moderate climate" meaning in Hindimoderate climate in a sentence
  • Vancouver Island and Vancouver's Fraser Valley have moderate climates and plentiful campgrounds.
  • By Alaskan standards, the town of Cold Bay has a moderate climate.
  • A moderate climate, environmental beauty and cultural activities attract relocators to the area.
  • Rainbow is a very comfortable planet with a moderate climate, a calm fauna.
  • In fact, Queens is home to one of the most moderate climates in Canada.
  • The moderate climate often yields as many as three or four harvests per year.
  • Resources : Black earth, river water and a moderate climate.
  • The Tehsil as a whole has a moderate climate.
  • Marvdasht has a cold weather in the hilly areas and moderate climate in other regions.
  • The area is also drawing retirees seeking the moderate climate and low cost of living.
  • More new vehicles have performance tires, which provide excellent handling and ride in moderate climates.
  • The Village as a whole has a moderate climate.
  • And with a moderate climate and a number of greenhouses, it is harvesting year round.
  • Anantnag features a moderate climate ( K�ppen climate classification.
  • The zone of Yungay, that has a moderate climate, is propitious for hunting tarucas, trout.
  • This moderate climate consists of high rainfall days and very few days of extreme temperatures.
  • With the relative moderate climate on Middleton Island, the buildings were not all connected by hallways.
  • But because of the coffee belt's moderate climate, they are also the most costly to harvest.
  • Stewart discovers that sharks prevent the overconsumption of plankton by other fish, which moderates climate change.
  • During the Tertiary, Kansas was a savannah subjected to greater rainfall and a more moderate climate.
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