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English-Hindi > mooring buoy

mooring buoy meaning in Hindi

mooring buoy sentence in Hindi

बांध बोया
मूरिग बोया
स्थिरक बोया
mooring    घाट नौबंध बंधन
buoy    प्लव पानी पर
1.A descent line is always rigged to mooring buoys on the wreck.

2.Plastic mooring buoys and plastic bottles are plentiful on the beaches of Palmyra.

3.From mooring buoy to mooring buoy, the flight takes 31 hours 51 min.

4.Currently Ipswich Harbor is sprinkled with mooring buoys securely fastened to the bottom.

5.From mooring buoy to mooring buoy, the flight takes 31 hours 51 min.

6.While many mooring buoys are privately owned, some are available for public use.

7.The harbor is full of mooring buoys for small yachts during the summer season.

8.Five mooring buoys are found on the island's northern flank.

9.At the restoration site, mooring buoys have been reinstalled for boaters to tie up.

10.Vessels wishing to moor in the research natural area must use designated mooring buoys or docks.

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