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English-Hindi > morning dress

morning dress meaning in Hindi

morning dress sentence in Hindi
प्रातःकालीन वस्त्र
औपचारिक वस्त्र
अनौपचारिक वस्त्र
morning    उषाकाल प्रभात
dress    कपड़े ठाठ नेपथ्य
1."There's been a marked increase in wedding invitations stipulating morning dress ."

2.It was considered the most correct form of morning dress for the time.

3.All the ladies wore hats; the men wore morning dress and top hats.

4.Morning dress, however, does remain in certain settings in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

5.Like other members of the military, he wore morning dress rather than uniform.

6.He collected his medal wearing morning dress and a top hat.

7.It remains a feature of morning dress for weddings today.

8.Men wear morning dress when members of a wedding party.

9.The emperor and his two sons were wearing black, white and gray morning dress.

10.This is a uniform based on formal morning dress.

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a woman''s informal dress for housework

formal attire for men during the daytime

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