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English-Hindi > musical interval

musical interval meaning in Hindi

musical interval sentence in Hindi

• स्वरान्तराल
musical    म्यूज़िकल
interval    अंतराल अन्तर
1."It's interesting to find early preferences for consonant musical intervals,"

2.He supported the use of the musical interval measurements, namely the decitone, centitone, and millitone.

3.The two-bell swinging peal, with a musical interval of a minor third, was installed in 1988.

4.As an alternative to a music theory approach to humanistic or experiential approach to musical intervals.

5.These musical intervals are only approximate; to a human ear the song often sounds out of tune.

6.The order of the keys follows Hindemith's ranking of musical intervals around the tonal center of C.

7.In each " regular tuning ", the musical intervals are the same for each pair of consecutive strings.

8.Thompson claims to have introduced the band to " The Devil " ( actually a musical interval ).

9.A "'neutral seventh "'is a musical interval wider than a minor seventh but narrower than a major seventh.

10.A "'neutral sixth "'is a musical interval wider than a minor sixth but narrower than a major sixth.

the difference in pitch between two notes
Synonyms: interval,

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