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English-Hindi > nail scissors

nail scissors meaning in Hindi

nail scissors sentence in Hindi
नख कैंची
nail    कील नेल खिल्ली
scissors    क़ैंची कैंची कैची
1.I love Palm Beach _ they trim those privet hedges with nail scissors out there,

2."We say to people,'Don't bring scissors, " but they don't think about nail scissors, " he said.

3.It includes baby clothes, a padded sleeping bag that converts into a suit, nail scissors and baby cream.

4.She has short, dark, thick hair that she trims with nail scissors, being generally uninterested in her physical appearance.

5.By the end of today we shall be the proud owners of another 2, 000 pairs of nail scissors,

6.He was rumoured to have trimmed the clover in the school quadrangle into the shape of a pudenda, using nail scissors.

7.She then nicked her ear with a pair of nail scissors and rejoined the others, playing the part of perplexed host.

8.There is also a plush spa and exercise facility, a heated outdoor pool and a croquet green that looks as if it's trimmed regularly with nail scissors.

9.At Austin Bergstrom International Airport in Texas, Janice Campbell was asked by agents to remove the nail scissors from her carry-on bag and put them in her checked luggage.

10.Sermon confronts his wife and tells her this, and when the enraged Sybil stabs him with nail scissors, he ( as suggested by his mother in law ) spanks her.

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