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English-Hindi > naive user

naive user meaning in Hindi

naive user sentence in Hindi

सहज प्रयोक्ता
naive    भोला भोला-भाला सदा
user    प्रयोक्ता
1.The hoax was inflated by well-meaning but naive users of the Internet.

2.We specifically designed it with the naive user in mind.

3.Care should be taken to warn naive users before blocking.

4.Naive users believed and spread the story, somewhat akin to the 1938 War of the Worlds panic.

5.VeriSign described the change as an attempt to improve the Web browsing experience for the naive user.

6.Some security experts predict that naive users will be lulled or conned into lowering their defenses _ and suffering the consequences.

7.Yet day after day, naive users download supposedly " free " software that promises all kinds of goodies, some useful, some fun.

8.According to Mechner, this was done as a joke, causing naive users to call tech support and ask why the game was upside-down.

9.I think the duty to inform potentially naive users is more important than some technicality .-THB 02 : 33, 5 December 2006 ( UTC)

10.So much is written about the Internet, the vast worldwide network of computers, that it is easy for relatively naive users to feel left out.

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