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name board sentence in Hindi

"name board" meaning in Hindi
  • The Place Names Board designated the suburb and its name in 1972.
  • A photograph of 1968 shows a name board with'Port Gordon'clearly displayed.
  • Part of the platform survives also, complete with name board posts.
  • In November 1970, the NSW Geographical Names Board attempted a compromise.
  • Enfield South is designated as a neighbourhood by the NSW Geographical Names Board.
  • Members of the Oregon Geographic Names Board elect the board president.
  • Unusually part of one platform, including a station name board, remain.
  • In 1911, the Geographical Names Board of Canada adopted " Tzuhalem Mountain ".
  • Two weeks ago, Laura Ashley named board member Lord Hooson as non-executive chairman.
  • The name is widely known and discussed on baby naming boards.
  • It named board member George Mitchell to preside over the meetings.
  • The bay was officially named by the Geographical Names Board of Canada in 1910.
  • In 1968, he became chief executive; a year later, he was named board chairman.
  • It was registered with the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales in 2011.
  • In November 1989 the Geographical Names Board approved a historical re-enactment of Cook's voyage.
  • In addition, Delta named board member Mary Johnston Evans, 67, as interim, non-executive chairman.
  • This cottage also has its own private railway platform, which displays a name board.
  • In 1977 Wheeler Heights was registered as a suburb by the Geographical Names Board.
  • The platforms survive and one has a station name board.
  • He served as president of the Oregon Geographic Names Board for over twenty years.
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