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name names sentence in Hindi

"name names" meaning in Hindi  
  • Because this time, the patron saint of female anger is naming names.
  • He declined to name names, saying that would drive up stock prices.
  • But the truth is that Kazan was not detested for naming names.
  • With unfailing Southern etiquette, she refuses to name names or even roles.
  • Not that Brown named names or handed out NCAA scarlet letters.
  • But Appelbaum is not afraid to snoop around and name names.
  • Siebert, without naming names, said he had simply been following orders.
  • George Steinbrenner is naming names of all the people who have failed him.
  • She wanted specific direction and she was willing to name names!
  • Q : ( italics ) Name names . ( end italics)
  • Council members encouraged panelists to name names in their final report.
  • They said if I would name names everything would be fine.
  • After all, he named names and exposed the undercurrents of slavery.
  • Jobs said Pixar has many suitors but would not name names.
  • Here I can be a bit more specific without naming names.
  • She was about to name names, but then shook her head.
  • Republicans attacked Clinton for attacking hate speech but not naming names.
  • No other Cowboy would name names when asked about the play.
  • Without naming names, the U . N . report said:
  • Twenty-four hours later, Crenshaw expressed his regrets for naming names.
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