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English-Hindi > natal day

natal day meaning in Hindi

natal day sentence in Hindi
• जन्मदिन
• जन्मदिवस
natal    जन्मपूर्व
day    फ़तह अवसर चौबीस
1.The peaks occur on the 15th post-natal day.

2.He currently serves on the Natal Day Committee of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

3.Yet reckoning by my natal day . ..

4.The event is part of the Natal Day festivities in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

5.The Civic Holiday is meant to replace a city's birthday aka Natal Day.

6.It was a Sunday school celebration and a celebration of the nation's natal day, both in one.

7.Responding to a special request, here's a Charles Dickens birthday quiz; his natal day is Feb . 7.

8.The "'Dartmouth Natal Day Road Race "'is one of the longest running road races in North America.

9.Because birthdays keep on coming, and that evening my still-surprised wife and I would be celebrating my mother's natal day.

10.There are celebrations in the gardens every year on Canada day ( July 1 ) and Natal Day ( the first Monday in August ).

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