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English-Hindi > need for affection

need for affection meaning in Hindi

need for affection sentence in Hindi

need    आपत्ति आवश्यकता
for    क्योंकि के लिए के
affection    अनुराग आसक्ति
1.He said he misinterpreted his daughter's need for affection with sex.

2.Whenever Rocky feels a need for affection, he knows how to get it.

3.They love to perform in front of others and have a great need for affection.

4.In her need for affection, in her need to be taken seriously, Enid is poignant without ever being cloying.

5.First, foremost, Phil, work out your constant need for affection, closeness with students, or with this poet . . ..

6.The colleague was later found out to be a figment of her imagination borne out of a desperate need for affection.

7.The film's " tough guy " acknowledges his fears and anxiety, and a flirty teen-ager admits her loneliness and need for affection.

8."The need for affection at any level, the need to be with someone, the need to be alone, are all stumbling blocks, " says Bo.

9.Still, he ventured that there had been, on the boys'part, " maybe a willingness, a need for affection or something, that they were looking for something . ".

10.Nouwen confessed in one of his later books ( " The Inner Voice of Love " ) that his " inexhaustible need for affection " became an addiction.

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