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English-Hindi > need for affiliation

need for affiliation meaning in Hindi

need for affiliation sentence in Hindi

संबंधन आवश्यकता
need    आपत्ति आवश्यकता
for    क्योंकि के लिए के
affiliation    पितृनिर्धारण
1.The Need for Affiliation is the desire to be around people and be well received socially.

2.Thus, such online communities satisfy a genuine need for affiliation with like-minded others.

3.Our need for affiliation and social interaction appears to be particularly strong when we are under stress.

4.The achievement orientation has garnered more research interest as compared to the need for affiliation or power.

5.A person may have the need for affiliation at the same time they have the need for power.

6.EVT assumes that humans have two competing needs : A need for personal space and a need for affiliation.

7.The information retained from this study helped to show the strength of an individual's need for affiliation.

8.Depending on the specific circumstances, an individual's level of need for affiliation can become increased or decreased.

9.Yacov Rofe suggested that the need for affiliation depended on whether being with others would be useful for the situation or not.

10.Each individual desires a different amount of a need for affiliation and they desire an optimal balance of time to their self and time spent with others.

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