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English-Hindi > need for approval

need for approval meaning in Hindi

need for approval sentence in Hindi

अनुमोदन आवश्यकता
need    आपत्ति आवश्यकता
for    क्योंकि के लिए के
for approval    अनुमोदन के लिए
approval    अनुमोदन पसंद
1.-- Usually are masking feelings of inferiority or need for approval.

2.I'm not putting myself above this need for approval and acceptance.

3.There is also a need for approval for overflights and other forms of access.

4.The need for approval from high-ranking-usually middle-aged-officials brings other problems.

5._Usually are masking feelings of inferiority or need for approval.

6.I am free from the desperate need for approval.

7.There's no need for approval to move the article.

8.Your need for approval becomes overwhelmingly strong, even stronger than your desire to do good business.

9.Kim discusses the need for approval, need for dominance, and gender roles to analyze conversational constraints.

10.What you'll need for approval is a full list of the heuristic rules to verify their accuracy.

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