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English-Hindi > needle bath

needle bath meaning in Hindi

needle bath sentence in Hindi

शीकर स्नान
needle    सूची कड़ी स्फटिक
bath    स्नान गृह स्नान
1.There are pine-needle baths and a psychiatric hospital.

2.Toward the end of the 1880s Russian and Turkish baths were offered, and in the 1890s German needle baths and Scotch douches ( concentrated stream of hot or cold water, often used on the back ) were added.

3.The Hale had two needle and shower baths, one hot room, six cooling rooms, a gymnasium, and 14 dressing rooms on the men's side; the women's department contained 8 tubs, one vapor bath, one hot room, two cooling rooms, one needle bath, and six individual dressing rooms.

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