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English-Hindi > negative number

negative number meaning in Hindi

negative number sentence in Hindi

• ऋण संख्या
• ऋणात्मक संख्या
negative    इंकारी निगेटिव
number    इकाई तादाद कई
1.A negative number means most managers are pessimistic about the economic outlook.

2.Michigan, the 1989 champion, had a similar negative number in that category.

3.Using one bit for the sign enables the representation of negative numbers.

4.A negative number indicates that more companies are glum about the economy.

5.So negative numbers were represented in the same way as large numbers.

6.This makes a consistent set with underground floors marked with negative numbers.

7.For all of the positive marks, Gingrich consistently draws high negative numbers.

8.Greece and Sweden also were teetering on the edge of negative numbers.

9.A negative number means that a majority feel glum about the economy.

10.A negative number means more managers are pessimistic about the economy than optimistic.

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