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English-Hindi > nerve block

nerve block meaning in Hindi

nerve block sentence in Hindi

तंत्रिका रोध
nerve    सामर्थ्य हिम्मत
block    पीड़क निपिण्ड
1.Griffey was conscious with a nerve block to his arm, Pedegana said.

2.Temporary or permanent nerve blocks are sometimes applied in cases of coccydynia.

3.Permanent nerve block can be produced by destruction of nerve tissue.

4.Medications within the tetracycline family, mexiletine, corticosteroids and nerve blocks are being studied.

5.Approximately 50 80 % of pelvic cancer pain patients benefit from nerve blocks.

6.And with more significant pain, we can do a nerve block.

7.A brachial plexus nerve block can be achieved by injecting anaesthetic into this area.

8.Common preemptive approaches include epidural neuraxial blockade or nerve blocks.

9.Although nerve blocks are very important to the lameness examination, they are not foolproof.

10.The latter are called nerve blocks and are divided into peripheral or central nerve blocks.

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