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English-Hindi > nerve cord

nerve cord meaning in Hindi

nerve cord sentence in Hindi
तन्त्रिका रज्जु

तंत्रिका रज्जु
nerve    सामर्थ्य हिम्मत
cord    डोरी तन्तु रज्जु
1.The giant axons carry the fastest signals along the nerve cord.

2.Nervous system consists of a nerve ring and many longitudinal nerve cords.

3.The ventral nerve cord extends from the suboesophageal ganglion posteriorly.

4.Zeratul was killed trying to save Artanis by severing his nerve cords.

5.Associated with the brain and the nerve cords are the dorsal tubes.

6.Axonal pathfinding and fasciculation behaviour in the embryonic ventral nerve cord of Drosophila.

7.The nerve cord is required to connect the nervous systems of the segments.

8.Their nervous system includes two pairs of nerve cords and three pairs of ganglia.

9.Amon has seized the Khala and is controlling the Protoss via their nerve cords.

10.The Aiur Protoss sever their nerve cords and Amon is banished into the Void.

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