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English-Hindi > nerve deafness

nerve deafness meaning in Hindi

nerve deafness sentence in Hindi

तंत्रिका बधिरता
nerve    सामर्थ्य हिम्मत
deafness    बधिरता बहरापन
1.These teeth, sometimes described as screwdriver-shaped, are called " eighth nerve deafness.

2.The rare disease causes progressive kidney failure, nerve deafness and eye problems.

3.In rare case, the disease is accompanied with nerve deafness and muscle wasting.

4.Previously, he worked on circuits for cochlear implants for those suffering from nerve deafness.

5.She took John to a hearing specialist, who confirmed a diagnosis of nerve deafness.

6.Permanent nerve deafness and spinal cord damage often occurred.

7.If a three-colored Dalmatian were absolutely free from nerve deafness ( a disease common to Dalmatians ) it would be eliminated from the gene pool.

8.In 1947 he was discharged from further service in the Royal Navy; having survived several underwater explosions he was suffering from a duodenal ulcer and nerve deafness.

9.His hearing has long since surrendered to the creeping nerve deafness that began in the French trenches of World War I . But his mind is sound and his Dodger hat fits as if it had been made for him and there is no end of things to keep him occupied in the Woodland Hills retirement hotel where he moved a year ago.

hearing loss due to failure of the auditory nerve
Synonyms: sensorineural hearing loss,

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