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English-Hindi > network access control

network access control meaning in Hindi

network access control sentence in Hindi

जालक्रम अभिगम नियंत्रण
नेटवर्क अभिगम नियंत्रण
network    जाल जाली तंत्र
access    दाखिला अभिगम
access control    अभिगम नियंत्रण
control    संचालन जाँच करना
1.Network Access Control is one of the key network security technologies today.

2.Network Access Protection is Microsoft's version of Network Access Control, announced much later.

3.Network Admission Control is Cisco's proprietary version of Network Access Control, announced late 2003.

4.Support issues also exist around antivirus application interoperability with common solutions like SSL VPN remote access and network access control products.

5.Although little known, InfoExpress invented Network Access Control back in 2000, when embedding the functionality into its VPN product.

6.*"'Delete "'unless sources can be proved that explicitly credit InfoExpress with pioneering " Network Access Control ".

7.Enforced policy controls classical network access control mechanisms : source IP, destination IP / port and protocol enforcement by layer 7 protocol analysis.

8.InfoExpress delivered the first general in-line network access control product in late 2001, with even earlier versions of NAC built into its other VPN products.

9.Network Access Control ( NAC ) is the generic term for at least 2 core attributes : checking endpoint posture and quarantining based on the results of the check.

10.The same set of credentials is used for network access control ( authenticating and authorizing access to a network ) and to log on to an AD DS domain.

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