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English-Hindi > network analyser

network analyser meaning in Hindi

network analyser sentence in Hindi
1.A network analyser is needed to view the resonant frequency.

2.Is there and sniffer or network analyser that can decode the data on individual packets so that I can see the codec myself?

3.In the USSR, principles for the construction of network analysers were developed by S . Gershgorin in 1927 and the concept of the electrodynamic analog computer was proposed by N . Minorsky in 1936.

4.Spider Systems produced a wide range of products, including terminal servers, network analysers and network protocol software stacks for various operating systems, including the TCP / IP stack used in Microsoft Windows NT 3.1.

5.After an edit at 16 : 43 UTC, I was unable to load the current Sandbox anymore ( according to my network analyser there just wasn't any response coming from the server for at least a minute ).

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