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English-Hindi > neutron lifetime

neutron lifetime meaning in Hindi

neutron lifetime sentence in Hindi

न्युट्रॉन जीवन-काल
न्यूट्रॉन आयु
neutron    न्यूट्रान निरावेश
lifetime    जीवन-काल
1.Fortunately, the " effective " neutron lifetime is much longer than the average lifetime of a single neutron in the core.

2.The average neutron lifetime considering delayed neutrons is approximately 0.1 sec, which makes the chain reaction relatively easy to control over time.

3."Looking at the neutron lifetime data alone, one finds a hint of something a little beyond what you'd expect from statistical errors,"

4.The "'prompt neutron lifetime "', " l ", is the average time between the emission of neutrons and either their absorption in the system or their escape from the system.

5.The mean generation time is different from the prompt neutron lifetime because the mean generation time only includes neutron absorptions that lead to fission reactions ( not other absorption reactions ).

6.This type of differential equation describes exponential growth or exponential decay, depending on the sign of the constant \ alpha, which is just the expected number of neutrons after one average neutron lifetime has elapsed:

7.In 1963, Baker Atlas predecessor Lane-Wells introduced the Neutron Lifetime Log service, providing the ability to detect oil through well casing, and initiating the line of Baker Atlas pulsed-neutron logging tools for cased hole logging and reservoir monitoring.

8.When at least one dollar of reactivity is added above the exact critical point ( the point where neutrons produced is balanced by neutrons lost per generation ) then the chain reaction does not rely on delayed neutrons, and the rate of change of neutron population increases exponentially as the time constant is the prompt neutron lifetime.

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