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English-Hindi > no comment

no comment meaning in Hindi

no comment sentence in Hindi
• मुझे कुछ नहीं कहना
no    इनकार नहीं हैं न
comment    टिप्पणी टीका
1.Foreign Ministry spokesman Danny Shek had no comment on the requests.

2.New York Sports Ventures had no comment on the situation Tuesday.

3.There was no comment from the rebels on the latest fighting.

4.Wells Fargo had no comment on the Chamber of Commerce letter.

5.He had no comment about a potential lawsuit against Hoechst Celanese.

6.The Justice Department had no comment on the Conyers letter Tuesday.

7.Canucks management offered no comment or confirmation on any Messier negotiations.

8.No comment from U . S . officials was immediately available.

9.Cruise and Ms . Kidman had no comment about the sentencing.

10.Broderbund had not seen the suit Thursday and had no comment.

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