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English-Hindi > nominal value

nominal value meaning in Hindi

nominal value sentence in Hindi
• अंकित मूल्य
• खाता मूल्य

• अंकित मान
• अभिहित मूल्य
nominal    नाम मात्र नाम के
value    अहमियत मान्यताएँ
1.Giving or receiving gifts, except gifts of nominal value on special occasions.

2.For example, DC A ( 4900796 ) has an absolute nominal value.

3.The nominal value of wavelength, employed at NPL is 633 nanometer.

4.The market price is expressed as a percentage of nominal value.

5.Its current shares were issued with the nominal value of 1, 000 koruna.

6.Shares will have a nominal value of five marks ( dlrs 3.40 ).

7.The nominal value of the Bonds will be payable on 31 October 2011.

8.The nominal value of this unit would rise with inflation in each economy.

9.The laser stops automatically when the value reaches the nominal value.

10.The coins had become too expensive to produce compared to their nominal value.

the value of a security that is set by the company issuing it; unrelated to market value
Synonyms: par value, face value,

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