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English-Hindi > normal density function

normal density function meaning in Hindi

normal density function sentence in Hindi

प्रसामान्य घनत्व फलन
normal    प्रसामान्य
normal density    प्रसामान्य घनत्व
density    ऊटपटांग गाढ़ापन
density function    घनत्व फलन
function    अधिकार उत्सव काम
1.Except for normalization constant, the above equation completely determines the normal density function for " X ".

2.Where \ alpha is a constant, \ phi denotes the standard normal density function, and \ Phi is the standard normal cumulative distribution function.

3.For example, the integral of the normal density function from infinity to infinity is 1 .-- talk ) 22 : 42, 22 August 2012 ( UTC)

4.When a simple logistic function is employed instead of the normal density function, then the model has the structure of the Bradley-Terry-Luce model ( BTL model ) ( Bradley & Terry, 1952; Luce, 1959 ).

5.The Epanechnikov kernel is optimal in a mean square error sense, though the loss of efficiency is small for the kernels listed previously, and due to its convenient mathematical properties, the normal kernel is often used, which means " ? " ( " x " ) } }, where " ? " is the standard normal density function.

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