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normal deviate meaning in Hindi

normal deviate sentence in Hindi

प्रसामान्य विचल
normal    प्रसामान्य
deviate    विकृत व्यक्ति
1.They are most frequently used to compare an observation to a standard normal deviate, though they can be defined without assumptions of normality.

2.:A tangential point is whether something like RAND's " A Million Random Digits with 100, 000 Normal Deviates " would hold up in court.

3.If Z is a standard normal deviate, then X = Z \ sigma + \ mu will have a normal distribution with mean \ mu and standard deviation \ sigma.

4.The standard Box Muller transform generates values from the standard normal distribution ( " i . e . " standard normal deviates ) with mean " 0 " and standard deviation " 1 ".

5.In 1947, the RAND Corporation generated numbers by the electronic simulation of a roulette wheel; the results were eventually published in 1955 as " A Million Random Digits with 100, 000 Normal Deviates ".

6.The seemingly oxymoronic term " normal deviates " ( random numbers whose occurrence can be plotted on a bell-shaped curve ) inspired the New York Public Library to shelve the book in the psychology section.

7.As automation came of age, the RAND Corp . used a kind of electronic roulette wheel to generate a classic work, published in 1955, called " A Million Random Digits With 100, 000 Normal Deviates ."

8.The results of a long run from the RAND machine, filtered and tested, were converted into a table, which was published in 1955 in the book " A Million Random Digits with 100, 000 Normal Deviates ".

9.There is no single accepted name for this number; it is also commonly referred to as the " standard normal deviate ", " normal score " or " Z score " for the 97.5 percentile point, or . 975 point.

10.In particular, if " X " and " Y " are independent normal deviates with zero mean and variance " ? " 2, then and are also independent and normally distributed, with zero mean and variance 2 " ? " 2.

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