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English-Hindi > normal distribution function

normal distribution function meaning in Hindi

normal distribution function sentence in Hindi

प्रसामान्य बंटन फलन
normal    प्रसामान्य
normal distribution    सामान्य वितरण
distribution    वितरण विभाजन
distribution function    बंटन फलन बंटन-फलन
function    अधिकार उत्सव काम
1.The number " z " follows from the cumulative distribution function, in this case the cumulative normal distribution function:

2.Another commonly applied model is the probit model where F is the cumulative normal distribution function, \ lambda = 0 and e follows a binomial distribution.

3.The unit transformation typically involves the application of the inverse-normal distribution function, thereby converting measures of median or average PDs into measures of median or average  default distance ( DD ).

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