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normal distribution sentence in Hindi

"normal distribution" meaning in Hindinormal distribution in a sentence
  • Testing hypotheses using a normal distribution is well understood and relatively easy.
  • With two such normal distributions, a distribution of interference can be calculated.
  • I can do this because both of my measures have normal distribution.
  • This is a massive promotion campaign, way beyond the normal distribution agreement.
  • The standard deviation is also larger than deviation of each normal distribution.
  • In general, any cumulative distribution function of a normal distributions, respectively.
  • The normal distribution is useful because of the central limit theorem.
  • Probabilistic knowledge is represented by a normal distribution across all parallel focal elements.
  • The Lilliefors test represents a special case of this for the normal distribution.
  • The normal distribution is shown as a blue line for comparison.
  • :I think you do have a normal distribution in the chart.
  • Much of the following relates to estimation assuming a normal distribution.
  • The tails of its distribution are larger than those of a normal distribution.
  • But I imagine it would be more like a normal distribution.
  • The points follow a normal distribution, being 500 the average result.
  • The probit model assumes that the error term follows a standard normal distribution.
  • The Black Scholes model of option pricing is based on a normal distribution.
  • :approaches the normal distribution with expected value 0 and variance 1.
  • The truncated normal distribution has wide applications in statistics and econometrics.
  • Start with a normal distribution of the specified mean and variance.
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