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English-Hindi > normal distribution

normal distribution meaning in Hindi

normal distribution sentence in Hindi
सामान्य वितरण

प्रसामान्य बंटन
normal    प्रसामान्य
distribution    वितरण विभाजन
1.Testing hypotheses using a normal distribution is well understood and relatively easy.

2.With two such normal distributions, a distribution of interference can be calculated.

3.I can do this because both of my measures have normal distribution.

4.This is a massive promotion campaign, way beyond the normal distribution agreement.

5.The standard deviation is also larger than deviation of each normal distribution.

6.In general, any cumulative distribution function of a normal distributions, respectively.

7.The normal distribution is useful because of the central limit theorem.

8.Probabilistic knowledge is represented by a normal distribution across all parallel focal elements.

9.The Lilliefors test represents a special case of this for the normal distribution.

10.The normal distribution is shown as a blue line for comparison.

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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance
Synonyms: Gaussian distribution,

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