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English-Hindi > normal effort

normal effort meaning in Hindi

normal effort sentence in Hindi

प्रसामान्य प्रयास
normal    प्रसामान्य
effort    कोशिश चेष्टा जोर
1.Hastings said the costs were part of the company's normal efforts to expand its subscriber base, which stands at 2.1 million.

2."After all the extra-normal effort against Iran, I don't know if I can get the team ready,"

3.Crushed by Andre Agassi's pinpoint heavy hitting, Arnaud Clement wanted to know whether it was a normal effort or something special by his opponent in the Australian Open final.

4."Had the police put forth a normal effort attached to any type of search warrant, I'm convinced there would have been no attack on Columbine,"

5.She described the sales as " part of normal efforts he would take to divest himself of the securities, " but did not say why he had not mentioned them in his Sept . 1 announcement.

6.CBS executives said the " Family Law " decision was not driven by a desire to accommodate to Procter & AMP; Gamble, but simply a part of the normal effort to attract as much ad revenue as possible in the summer.

7.Sun Wukong at first asks for some rain from the Eastern Dragon King to counter Red Boy's Samadhi Fire, to no avail ( the Dragon King's rain can only extinguish normal fires, but Red Boy's fire is inextinguishable to normal efforts to quench fire ) with the rain in fact intensifying the flames.

8.The Industrial Engineering Terminology Standard, defines time study as " a work measurement technique consisting of careful time measurement of the task with a time measuring instrument, adjusted for any observed variance from normal effort or pace and to allow adequate time for such items as foreign elements, unavoidable or machine delays, rest to overcome fatigue, and personal needs ."

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