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English-Hindi > normal population

normal population meaning in Hindi

normal population sentence in Hindi

प्रसामान्य समष्‍टि
normal    प्रसामान्य
population    जन समुदाय घनी
1.For a few days, its normal population of 150 swelled nearly tenfold.

2.During the commercial season, Copalis'normal population of about 350 persons, leaped fourfold.

3.This limits the degree to which it can generalize to normal populations.

4.The organizers have had enormous success in emptying out Boston's normal population.

5.However, the test has also been widely employed with normal populations as well.

6.The base's normal population is 2, 700, three quarters of whom are civilians.

7.Individuals who develop paraphrenia have a life expectancy similar to the normal population.

8.Goma, a city with a normal population of 150, 000, has been swamped.

9.Health costs remain about double those of the normal population.

10.That's about seven times Pasadena's normal population, and the sidewalk space is pretty narrow.

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