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English-Hindi > not all roses

not all roses meaning in Hindi

not all roses sentence in Hindi
पूरी तरह से सुखी नहीं
not    न कि मत न नही नहीं
all    तमाम सर्वस्व
1.Not all roses have green canes; some are purple, red or even a combination of colors.

2.So this good news is not all roses.

3.But it's not all roses in the garden.

4."It's not all roses, so your hands don't get too sore, " she said, displaying rose-pricked palms.

5.Not all roses are so durable; the longest living rose bushes are mostly categorised as wild roses.

6.It was not all roses however.

7.It is not all roses here.

8.Of course, it's not all roses.

9.Football is not all roses and chocolate, and yesterday there were a lot of dead roses and stale chocolate,

10."It's not all roses or anything, because there's a lot of pain that Tommy and I need to resolve, " she says.

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