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obiter dicta sentence in Hindi

"obiter dicta" meaning in Hindiobiter dicta in a sentence
  • This view has generally not received judicial endorsement . ( obiter dicta)
  • Courts may consider " obiter dicta " in opinions of higher courts.
  • Other matters mentioned in that judgment were merely " obiter dicta ".
  • For these reasons, the obiter dicta may often be taken into consideration by a court.
  • Whatever support it gave to the validity of those decisions was obiter dicta, and may properly be disregarded.
  • I was attempting to exclude such issues, mostly because they're as obiter dicta and so obscurantist.
  • However, these remarks had been made " obiter dicta ", and thus held no judicial authority.
  • University of Florida scholars Teresa Reid-Rambo and Leanne Pflaum explain the process by which obiter dicta may become binding.
  • In an " obiter dicta ", Hoffmann J also looked at one of the liquidator's arguments.
  • In 1928 Lucas had been stung by Eliot's review in the " obiter dicta " and hieratic tone.
  • In obiter dicta he said that the claim could be based on dishonesty, like for liability in assisting breach of trust.
  • Birrell found success as a writer with the publication of a volume of essays entitled " Obiter Dicta " in 1884.
  • The Federal Circuit so ruled despite a number of obiter dicta in previous decisions that assumed that patent infringement was a taking of property.
  • This was followed by a second series of " Obiter Dicta " in 1887 and " Res Judicatae " in 1892.
  • It could be a place for putting all the obiter dicta that was not pompous enough to be encyclopedic, but was still worth preserving.
  • Altogether, de Camp cut about 13, 000-16, 000 " repetitions, digressions and speculative obiter dicta " from the paperback edition.
  • "Stare decisis " applies to the holding of a case, rather than to obiter dicta ( " things said by the way " ).
  • This is the point of possible similarity to " Quanta, " but it is entirely in the form of " obiter dicta ",
  • OK, maybe what " I think " is that such things are mostly like " obiter dicta " as in a legal case.
  • The four people argued that the obiter dicta in that case supported their interpretation of section 41, that it was a guarantee rather than a transitional provision.
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