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object code sentence in Hindi

"object code" meaning in Hindiobject code in a sentence
  • The autoloader searches through a object code that defines the subroutine.
  • Cobol, Fortran, and RPG generated object code ( type O ).
  • During production, Connectix unsuccessfully attempted a disassembled the object code directly.
  • The program's executable object code and data would be stored in TXT records.
  • I've always thought MatLab online files are always in object code.
  • This holds as long as no source code or object code was copied.
  • These were automatically ported onto Itanium via object code translation techniques.
  • A cross compiler runs in one environment but produces object code for another.
  • Dynamic statements cause the compiler to generate executable machine instructions ( object code ).
  • It produces object code in the form of Java class files ( bytecode ).
  • ANSI C code is generated as the object code.
  • If you were to assemble this program, you would get the object code depicted below.
  • All source code is available; there are no OCO ( object code only ) modules.
  • It was not object code compatible with anything else and so had limited tool support.
  • A term like backward-compatible usually implies object code compatibility.
  • An assembler is used to convert assembly code into machine code ( object code ).
  • The object code _ the instructions translated into 0's and 1's _ was not shown.
  • Computer object code could then be executed directly.
  • The Kidsgrove compiler stressed optimization; the Whetstone compiler produced an interpretive object code aimed at debugging.
  • These models are provided as both pre-compiled object code, and as in some cases, source files.
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