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English-Hindi > object code

object code meaning in Hindi

object code sentence in Hindi

अभिलक्ष्‍य कूट
object    प्रयोजन बात
code    गुप्त भाषा
1.The autoloader searches through a object code that defines the subroutine.

2.Cobol, Fortran, and RPG generated object code ( type O ).

3.During production, Connectix unsuccessfully attempted a disassembled the object code directly.

4.The program's executable object code and data would be stored in TXT records.

5.I've always thought MatLab online files are always in object code.

6.This holds as long as no source code or object code was copied.

7.These were automatically ported onto Itanium via object code translation techniques.

8.A cross compiler runs in one environment but produces object code for another.

9.Dynamic statements cause the compiler to generate executable machine instructions ( object code ).

10.It produces object code in the form of Java class files ( bytecode ).

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the machine-language output of a compiler that is ready for execution on a particular computer

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