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object field sentence in Hindi

"object field" meaning in Hindiobject field in a sentence
  • Distortions away from the object field become blurred, so this technique allows some degree of depth selection.
  • This is an important distinction, and can be encapsulated by the maxim that object fields address internal structural concerns, and properties address use and access semantics concerns.
  • While in classical schlieren, distortions over the whole beam path are visualized equally, in focusing schlieren, only distortions in the object field of the camera are clearly imaged.
  • Moritz von Rohr also used an object field method, but unlike Merklinger, he used the conventional criterion of a maximum circle of confusion diameter in the image plane, leading to unequal front and rear depths of field.
  • Instead, they presumed that fine-resolution images of radar object fields could be accomplished by already-known " dielectric lenses ", the inventive parts of those patents being ways to convert those microwave-formed images to visible ones.
  • The hyperfocal distance is the nearest focus distance at which the DOF extends to infinity; focusing the camera at the hyperfocal distance results in the largest possible depth of field for a given f-number ( Object field methods above for a rationale for doing so.
  • For example, in OCaml object fields are immutable by default and must be explicitly marked with the mutable keyword to be mutable, while in Scala bindings are explicitly immutable, defined with val for " value " or explicitly mutable, defined with var for " variable ".
  • Because all state must be saved and restored every time an item is to be yielded from an iterator, it is not possible to store state in local variables or use built-in looping routines, as when generators are available; instead, all of this must be manually simulated, using object fields to hold local state and loop counters.

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