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English-Hindi > object relation

object relation meaning in Hindi

object relation sentence in Hindi

वस्तु संबंध
object    प्रयोजन बात
relation    बयान रिश्ता
1.The Fairbairnian Object Relations Therapist also uses their mistakes in the therapy.

2.From an object relations perspective, Kohut'allows no place for internal determinants.

3.Object relations theory was primarily meant to explain human behavior.

4.In : Integrating Ego Psychology and Object Relations Theory, ed.

5.Schema therapy blends CBT with elements of Gestalt therapy, object relations, limited reparenting ".

6.His theory is based on ego psychological object relations theory.

7.Another advocate of the object relations paradigm is Melanie Klein.

8.Frank is also the co-director of the Metropolitan Center for Object Relations in New York.

9.She was a leading innovator in object relations theory.

10.Object relations was in contrast with Freud s psychoanalysis.

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