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English-Hindi > object space

object space meaning in Hindi

object space sentence in Hindi

बिंब प्रदेश
बिम्ब प्रदेश
object    प्रयोजन बात
space    अन्तरिक्ष अन्तर
1.Unprimed letters indicate object space and primed letters image space.

2.In object space, the corresponding angular resolution is

3.For most purposes, we can assume the image space and the object space are in the same medium.

4.For most purposes, it can be assumed that the image space and the object space are in the same medium.

5."Object Spaces ", as a computing paradigm, was put forward in the 1980s by David Gelernter at Yale University.

6.All these arguments notwithstanding, there is a major concordance between the locations of items in object space and their correlates in visual space.

7.In "'object space "'the location and shape of physical targets can be accurately described with the tools of geometry.

8.Insightful questions can be asked about the mapping of visual space to object space but answers are mostly limited in the range of their validity.

9.Object points on the " input " side are in the real part of object space and are " real " object points.

10.In stigmatic imaging an object ray intersecting any specific point in object space must be conjugate to an image ray intersecting the conjugate point in image space.

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