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English-Hindi > objectionable matter

objectionable matter meaning in Hindi

objectionable matter sentence in Hindi

• आक्षेपणीय पदार्थ
• आक्षेपणीय सामग्री
objectionable    आक्षेपणीय
matter    विषय कारण चीज सत
1.He put the objectionable matter here first time-which was removed by me.

2.As the magistrate saw, however, that the confiscated books contained no objectionable matter, they were restored to Bass.

3.In July 1945 he, along with a number of other actors, was banned for three months from radio for broadcasting " objectionable matter ".

4.Hasdai, who soon perceived that the letter could not be delivered to the caliph in its present form, persuaded the envoys to send for another letter which should contain no objectionable matter.

5."There is much less blatancy and vulgarity on American television than there is on radio, " she wrote, " and less objectionable matter than you can extract any Saturday evening from one of the BBC's smuttier and sweatier variety programs ."

6.Note that he has now changed some of the matter and he has removed a few objectionable matter esp . " " But Maharaj invite a young prist from Varanasi named GagaBhatta for Coronation ritual and he agreed to do so because of heavy offering and proof which says Maharaj was belong to kshtrya kula ( Sisodiya ) " ".

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