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objective test sentence in Hindi

"objective test" meaning in Hindiobjective test in a sentence
  • As every situation differs, both subjective and objective tests will be conducted.
  • The court justified an objective test by citing cases from other circuits.
  • First, the court reasoned that an objective test is more easily administered.
  • The latter ought to be satisfied by virtue of an objective test.
  • Instead, many states rely on objective tests that use multiple-choice questions.
  • Disparagement of objective tests is a third way to detect progressivists.
  • In general, projective tests tend to be much more unreliable than objective tests.
  • The effect is therefore to substitute an objective test for the normal subjective one.
  • Numerous objective tests of portfolio theory have ratified his approach.
  • A simple, ungamable objective test such as actual human casualties.
  • The court also endorsed an objective test on policy grounds.
  • Psychological measures of personality are often described as either objective tests or projective tests.
  • There is no objective test of whether material is contentious.
  • There's no objective test, so it's a matter of opinion, and opinions are protected.
  • The revised test consisted of a single objective test, replacing the earlier two-test system.
  • Those who scored lowest on the objective tests scored highest in their own self-evaluation.
  • However, when an objective test of muscle stiffness was used, no difference was detected.
  • Make the new article objective test ( science )?
  • However, there have to be objective tests and standards for notability, verifiability and the rest.
  • Shoppers should not rely on objective test results alone.
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