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English-Hindi > objective test

objective test meaning in Hindi

objective test sentence in Hindi

वस्तुनिष्ठ परीक्षण
वस्तुनिष्‍ठ परीक्षण
वस्तुपरक परीक्षण
objective    उद्देश्य लक्ष्य
test    जांच परख टैस्ट मैच
1.As every situation differs, both subjective and objective tests will be conducted.

2.The court justified an objective test by citing cases from other circuits.

3.First, the court reasoned that an objective test is more easily administered.

4.The latter ought to be satisfied by virtue of an objective test.

5.Instead, many states rely on objective tests that use multiple-choice questions.

6.Disparagement of objective tests is a third way to detect progressivists.

7.In general, projective tests tend to be much more unreliable than objective tests.

8.The effect is therefore to substitute an objective test for the normal subjective one.

9.Numerous objective tests of portfolio theory have ratified his approach.

10.A simple, ungamable objective test such as actual human casualties.

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