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objective theory sentence in Hindi

"objective theory" meaning in Hindiobjective theory in a sentence
  • It is more of an objective theory than it is an interpretive theory with a rhetorical tradition.
  • In turn, a theory which has as its goal helping the proletariat achieve class consciousness must first be an " objective theory of class consciousness ".
  • The objective theory holds that the good is an aspect of reality in relation to man and that it must be discovered, not invented, by man.
  • "' Quantitative psychological research "'is defined as psychological research which performs mathematical modeling and statistical estimation or statistical inference or a means for testing objective theories by examining the relationship between variables.
  • Ever since Werner Sombart and Nikolai Bukharin first argued it, Marx's theory of value has been described as a purely objective theory of value, as opposed to the subjective theory of the bourgeois economists.
  • Fundamental to an objective theory of values is the question : " Of value to whom and for what ? "-- Ayn Rand talk ) 02 : 45, 22 June 2012 ( UTC)
  • However, theory in itself is insufficient, and ultimately relies on the struggle of humankind and of the proletariat for consciousness : the " objective theory of class consciousness is only the theory of its objective possibility ".
  • The ontology of objective theories regards the wave as real; the wave corresponds to the mathematical wave function, and collapse occurs randomly ( " spontaneous localization " ), or when some physical threshold is reached, with observers having no special role.
  • I do however accept that it would not be inconsistent with the English objective theory of contractual interpretation to admit evidence of previous communications between the parties as part of the background which may throw light upon what they meant by the language they used.
  • The objective theory [ of morality ] holds that the good is neither an attribute of  things in themselves nor of man s emotional states, but an evaluation of the facts of reality by man s consciousness according to a rational standard of value . ..
  • In the passage from the judgment of Steyn LJ at page 27 quoted by the judge at para 66 he identified these four particular matters which he regarded as of importance . ( 1 ) English law generally adopts an objective theory of contract formation, ignoring the subjective expectations and the unexpressed mental reservations of the parties.
  • "' Hotchkiss v . National City Bank of N . Y . "', 200 F . 287, 293 ( S . D . N . Y . 1911 ) was a landmark case in contract law articulating the Objective Theory of Contracts and dealing with the meaning of a promise in a contract.

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