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obligate parasite sentence in Hindi

"obligate parasite" meaning in Hindiobligate parasite in a sentence
  • These lice are obligate parasites, meaning they require the host to survive.
  • What's an obligate parasite, and what makes it different from other parasites?
  • As an obligate parasite, these wasps do not build their nests.
  • "Cimex lectularius " is an obligate parasite of humans.
  • This nematode is considered to be an obligate parasite.
  • There are about 130 extant species of pentastomids; all are obligate parasites with correspondingly degenerate anatomy.
  • "Phakopsora pachyrhizi " is an obligate parasite, meaning that it must have live, green tissue to survive.
  • The Old World primary screwworm ( " Chrysomya bezziana " ) is an obligate parasite of mammals.
  • The members of this genus are obligate parasites that feed on scales and mucus of other fish.
  • The hemiparasitic species ( transferred from Scrophulariaceae ) are capable of photosynthesis, and may be either facultative or obligate parasites.
  • Sphaerotheriida also are subject to internal parasitism, and several species of nematodes are obligate parasites of particular species of giant pill millipedes.
  • Described by German botanist Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Wallroth in 1833, the genus contains some species that are obligate parasites of pteridophytes and angiosperms.
  • "P . cubensis " is an obligate parasite or biotroph, meaning that it requires live host tissue in order to survive and reproduce.
  • Many behaviors induced by obligate parasites to complete their lifecycles are examples of adaptive manipulation because of their clear relationship to parasite fitness.
  • This genus includes " Chrysomya bezziana " and " Chrysomya putoria ", both of which are obligate parasites of mammals and cause myiasis.
  • Among the Vespidae family, " Vespula austriaca " is an example of an obligate parasite; its common host is " Vespula acadica ".
  • All species of this genus are obligate parasites of insects, and some are used as biological control agents for the control of pest insects.
  • Some, however, including the tuberculosis and the leprosy organisms, appear to be obligate parasites and are not found as free-living members of the genus.
  • These obligate parasites infect the developing wasp larvae in the nest and are present within the abdomens of female wasps when they hatch out.
  • Because " O . aegyptiaca " is an obligate parasite it is found only in association with the crops it attacks, especially irrigated crops.
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