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English-Hindi > obligate pathogen

obligate pathogen meaning in Hindi

obligate pathogen sentence in Hindi

• अविकल्पी रोगाणु
obligate    अविकल्पी अविकल्पी
pathogen    रोगाणु पैथोजन
1.Study of obligate pathogens is difficult because they cannot usually be reproduced outside the host.

2."Ascosphaera aggregate " is an obligate pathogen with a preference for bees belonging to the family Megachilidae.

3.It is an obligate pathogen with cladoceran crustaceans from the " Daphnia " genus serving as its hosts.

4.It is best known by its representative " Pandora neoaphidis ", which acts as an obligate pathogen in various species of aphids.

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