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oil well sentence in Hindi

"oil well" meaning in Hindioil well in a sentence
  • In 1998, exactly one new oil well was drilled in the state.
  • The first commercial oil well in New York was drilled in 1865.
  • Oil wells were established, but the family never received the promised royalties.
  • The conflict is also driven by competition over oil wells and land.
  • Pennsylvania was also the home of the first commercially drilled oil well.
  • In 1919 the first of several oil wells were drilled near Elbing.
  • Oil wells were operating at the time in Lufkin, Nacogdoches and Corsicana.
  • Right now the Internet is a huge gusher of an oil well,
  • This is similar to how many newly tapped oil wells are pressurized.
  • The explosives would be used to blow up oil wells, it said.
  • Kuwaiti oil wells now pump a healthy 2 million barrels a day.
  • It was a Cadillac of oil wells, on his back property line.
  • As many as 230 oil wells suffered some damage, the report said.
  • Prince Funubis needs to start an oil well on his float.
  • Their duties include extinguishing oil well fires and cleaning oil sites.
  • He could not find oil wells for his friends when asked.
  • John Wayne played an experienced oil well firefighter in the movie.
  • It is an important part of the oil well drilling equipment.
  • Blazes in oil wells that were set afire by retreating Iraqis were extinguished.
  • His excuse was to make room to explore for oil wells.
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