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English-Hindi > on the hour

on the hour meaning in Hindi

on the hour sentence in Hindi
ठीक समय पर
on    लगातार लगा हुआ आगे
the    वही यह वह वही वह
hour    घंटा घड़ी समय हीरा
1.Former Patriots coach Ron Meyer is another analyst on the hour-long show.

2.Liverpool did score on the hour mark, but the goal was disallowed.

3.After all, Delta flies on the half-hour and USAir on the hour.

4.Tours leave on the hour, from 10 to 4, daily except Christmas.

5.The allegorical parade of animated sculptures rings on the hour every day.

6.After Italy had equalized on the hour mark, the match came alive.

7.Visiting periods are forty minutes long and begin promptly on the hour.

8.On the hour the house sounds like an aviary at feeding time.

9.What does he do, vacuum the carpet every hour on the hour?

10.This makes him a target in " Murder On The Hour ".

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