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English-Hindi > one hundred ninety

one hundred ninety meaning in Hindi

one hundred ninety sentence in Hindi
एक सौ नब्बे
एक सौ नब्बे
one    एक जो स्वयं से अपने
hundred    शत शतक सैकड़ा सौ
ninety    नब्बे नव्वे
1.Only one hundred ninety-two scraps of his verses remain today.

2.One hundred ninety-four players broke par.

3.One hundred ninety-eight people sought shelter.

4.One hundred ninety dollars after taxes.

5.One hundred ninety-nine other tax workers ended up with administrative punishment, Sheibut said.

6.One hundred ninety : the count of members of the House of Representatives who had endorsed him.

7.It has more than two thousand students and a faculty of more than one hundred ninety five.

8.One hundred ninety-eight of the first 221 Grand National races were run on dirt tracks.

9.One hundred ninety six pupils qualified for a free or reduce priced lunch under federal poverty guidelines.

10.One hundred ninety students qualified for the federal free and reduced lunch program due to family poverty.

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