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English-Hindi > onward journey

onward journey meaning in Hindi

onward journey sentence in Hindi

• आगे की यात्रा
onward    आगे बढ़ता हुआ
journey    प्रवास यात्रा सफर
1.They stayed in'safe houses'while arrangements for their onward journey was being made.

2.In Romania, 3, 000 refugees already waited for their onward journey.

3.The army faces many hardships crossing of the Tigris and in their onward journey.

4.Dhalla was upgraded to a first class cabin for the onward journey to Karachi.

5.However, the DDSG refused due to the insecured onward journey to go to the Danube Delta.

6.They arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus late Saturday night for their onward journey back to Iraq.

7.In both cases, they were making connections for onward journeys at the Indian border town of Attari.

8.From Dir, visitors shift to 4x4 jeeps for your onward journey to Chitral and on to Shandur.

9.At the train station, Young-dal buys Baek-hwa a ticket for her onward journey, hinting at a farewell.

10.Those trains which do not terminate at Mangalore city, halt at Mangalore Junction station on their onward journey.

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