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English-Hindi > open circuit

open circuit meaning in Hindi

open circuit sentence in Hindi

• खुला परिपथ
• खुला परिपथ वोल्टता
• विवृत परिपथ
open    मुंह खुला मैदान
circuit    घेरा चक्कर दौरा
1.The output forms either an open circuit or a connection to ground.

2.:: Can you really say that about a completely open circuit though?

3.The open circuit; at least one fictional scenario has liquid breathing spacesuits.

4.The telephone presents an open circuit when it is on-hook or idle.

5.The operation in Afghanistan was blown by loose lips over open circuits.

6.What do the surface charges look like on this open circuit?

7.Heist's second wife, a painter who does set design for the Open Circuit.

8.Likewise, an open circuit can be transformed into a short circuit.

9.Also, in a DC steady state, the capacitor acts as an open circuit.

10.This creates an open circuit with a guaranteed bandwidth and latency.

an incomplete electrical circuit in which no current flows

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