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English-Hindi > operand field

operand field meaning in Hindi

operand field sentence in Hindi

संकार्य क्षेत्र
operand    संकार्य ओपेरंड
field    खेल का मैदान इलाका
1.In addition, most stack-machine instruction is very simple, made from only one opcode field or one operand field.

2.The 1900 also allowed any process direct access to the first 4096 words of its address space . ( Both the 1900 and 360 had a 12-bit operand field, but on the 360 addresses were " physical " addresses so a program could directly access the first 4096 bytes of " physical " memory ).

3.This meant " transmit field immediate " ( the 16 : two digit op-codes ) to address 00010 the immediate constant field having the value 00000 ( five digit operand fields, the second being from address 11 back to 7 ), decrementing source and destination addresses until such time as a digit with a " flag " was copied.

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