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English-Hindi > operating theatre

operating theatre meaning in Hindi

operating theatre sentence in Hindi
operating    कि्रयाशील परिचालन
theatre    नाटक नाट्यशाला
1.Gloucestershire Royal Hospital has more than 600 beds and 14 operating theatres.

2.The hospital is equipped with 1, 250 beds and 27 operating theatres.

3.The original facilities included 40 beds, an operating theatre and outpatient department.

4.By introducing antiseptics, Billroth enhanced the future safety of all operating theatres.

5.The veterinary hospital includes a consulting room, operating theatre and recovery area.

6.A mobile medical operating theatre system costs about US $ 20 million.

7.SURGEONS could soon be using computer games technology in the operating theatre.

8.Kane was back in the operating theatre working 36 hours later.

9.The Operating Theatre had closed down before antiseptic surgery was invented.

10.It pioneered the supply of portable operating theatres and supplies for frontline duties.

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a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations; "great care is taken to keep the operating rooms aseptic"
Synonyms: operating room, OR, operating theater, surgery,

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