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operating time sentence in Hindi

"operating time" meaning in Hindi
  • It can double the operating time of a laptop computer, for example.
  • In the evening, operating time of the well was very lively and entertaining.
  • TORS afforded cancer cure with less operating time, blood loss, and complication frequency.
  • Operating times nearly twice that were recorded in tests, but declared largely unsafe.
  • The total operating time was 18 hours, 22 minutes on 10 separate occasions.
  • Engine  ! 3 had 8200 hours operating time without repair.
  • The surgical simulation is a key factor in reducing the actual operating time.
  • It exceeded the operating time of previous KIWI reactors by nearly a factor of two.
  • This slightly reduces the tooth width but increases the operating time between " fittings ".
  • Operating time in autonomous mode is 24 hours, in noiseless mode from accumulators  5 hours.
  • The fuel capacity is 985 liters, which ensures a combined operating time of approximately 48 hours.
  • The main criteria of the judges were complexity, operating time and the number of components used.
  • Operating time with RF-TVA is lower than balloon kyphoplasty, reducing additional risks associated with any surgery.
  • Currently, sites have varied operating times that include closing early some afternoons and all day Mondays.
  • Others may adjust operating times to fit demand.
  • The great disadvantage is the limited operating time.
  • D�nitz Type II U-boats were called up, despite that the Norwegian coast limited their operating time.
  • The reduction of operating times promotes the reduction of operating costs thus leading to better customer services.
  • It shortens required operating times and the reduced trauma to tissue speeds healing and reduces required hospital stays.
  • Electromechanical central switch has to be carefully selected as it has inherent operating times both opening and closing.
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